What You Need.  When You Need It.


What is ASGARD?

ASGARD stands for Adjudication Service Group Ancillary Referral Database and it is a fitting acronym indeed.  ASGARD has been developed using today's leading edge technology.  Our proprietary operating platform is web based and scalable.  Providing our clients with an expandable solution with seamless to no integration being necessary.

Current Vendor Technology 

Currently the market is inundated with claims of "cutting edge" technology positioning them to provide better service.  However, the reality is that most of these systems are either a) built on technology from over a decade ago which they continue to try and modify b) are merely front ends for legacy systems running in their background or c) are a combination of the two.  These systems although functional, ultimately result in limited information being presented to the client and internally they foster an environment which will never be able to maximize efficiency in operation.

The ASGARD Difference

ASGARD is not a conglomerate of databases or a "modified" legacy system.  ASGARD has been developed by current industry developers utilizing the latest in development and technology. The capabilities of the ASGARD system provide our clients with access to unique features which simply cannot by replicated in our competitor's older systems.

Keeping the future in mind, ASGARD is designed to continually grow with our clients needs.  Our Chief Information Officer and ASGARD architect prides himself on remaining at the forefront in the industry.  As your needs grow and technology advances, so does ASGARD.  In this way we ensure that the only legacy associated with our system is the one that will be written about the power of performance that is ASGARD.