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About Us

Adjudication Services Group was founded by a former manager of a national claims TPA, to provide the necessary ancillary service tools and operational support needed to reduce claims costs and improve individual claim outcomes.   

ASG has been designed as a unique “Full Service” Third Party Ancillary Services Company.  It is the only administrative company in the industry to date providing not only common place medical cost containment services (such as IME's) but include services and products utilized during the actual adjudication process such as Diagnostic Network Access, Durable Medical Equipment (DME), Investigation and Research Services, Medical Bill Review Service, Nurse Case Management and more.   

The unique composition of ASG accompanied by the development of our customizable and proprietary operational software ASG is redefining standards in service and products for the  Medical Cost Containment space.




About The Founder

Damien Jonathan Caldwell has been servicing the Legal, Insurance and Healthcare industry since 1994.  He is a licensed adjuster and P&C Broker in New York and has dedicated the majority of his career to providing services to his colleagues in the industry.  He has a unique background from every aspect of the claims industry, providing him with invaluable insight into its needs from the claims and healthcare perspectives.

Mr. Caldwell has overseen operations for International Revenue Cycle Management Firms, National Third Party Claims Administrators and Managed Care Organizations. In 2010 he was requested to serve as an industry expert. Since that time his experience and reputation led to him become one of the lead industry experts in the field of ancillary services and medical cost containment.  He has lent his expertise as a consultant to most of the top tier Private Equity Firms here and abroad.

With the evolving market and regulatory changes he realized that adjusters who handle enormous caseloads are being increasingly burdened by tasks involving their vendors and services.  He wanted to create an organization that could truly help them to return their focus on providing the best outcomes for their claims and claimants.  The result was Adjudication Services Group.