What You Need.  When You Need It.


Adjudication Services Group, LLC [ASG] is a unique Third Party Administrative service organization focused on providing a full range of administrative, operational, risk management and ancillary services to a wide array of companies and industries.  Our goal is to truly alleviate as much of the burden on which Business Owners / Employers, Program Directors, Claims Adjusters and Claims Examiners face in their daily operations. 

 We are committed to providing our clients with an elite level of service that is visible in every aspect or our services, communications and products.   

Unique Programs and Services Include:

  • Risk Management
  • Insurance & Insurance Claims Services
  • Benefits Management
  • Industry Finance Alternatives
  • Marketing / Business Development


The Power of ASGARD

Asgard in Norse/Viking mythology is the realm from where the Viking Gods reigned.  They protect and oversee the realms from their home. To Adjudication Services Group, ASGARD is our home.  Okay it is more like our virtual home, a new innovative web portal enabling us to service our clients more effectively and efficiently by providing  access to all the services you will need to mitigate risk and improve your outcomes.   

ASGARD enables ASG to oversee the fulfillment of your requests, while protecting your data and verifying that each of the needs of our clients are met to the highest standards in the industry.  The power of ASGARD is unmatched in the industry today and we are looking forward to bringing that power to your fingertips.